In the research lab at Dartmouth led by Professor Lee Lynd, processing cellulosic biomass in a single biological step without added enzymes is a central theme. Such “consolidated bioprocessing” (CBP) is a potential breakthrough, and “is widely considered to be the ultimate low-cost configuration for cellulose hydrolysis and fermentation” (joint DOE/USDA Roadmap, 2007). We are focused on production of ethanol, a promising renewable fuel. The CBP strategy is however potentially applicable to a very broad range of fuels and chemicals.

Between 2006-2009 the Department of Energy Funded $5 MM to Enchi (Mascoma) in an effort to produces an Engineered Strain that is “Ready for Customer/Feedstock Optimization”

Our Team

Bill Brady, CEO

William J. Brady, Jr. is an executive and entrepreneur in the sustainable energy and advanced materials industries. He has successfully led large complex global organizations, and has created value in building emerging technology businesses.

Most recently, Mr. Brady served as President, Chief Executive Officer and a Director of Mascoma Corporation, a leading industrial biotechnology company. Mascoma’s bioconversion products have been used to produce over 3 billion gallons of biofuels. Mascoma was successfully sold to Lallemand Corporation in November 2014.

He is currently CEO, Director and Co-Founder of Enchi Corporation, an industrial biotechnology company developing advanced organisms to convert cellulosic biomass to fuels.

Previously, Mr. Brady was Executive Vice President of Cabot Corporation, a $3 BN specialty chemical company. Throughout his twenty-three year experience, Mr. Brady held
 numerous positions at Cabot in the United States and Asia, including General Manager of the $2 Billion Carbon Black business which operated 23 manufacturing plants in 17 countries. Under his leadership, the business completed significant expansions in China and Brazil, and executed a major global initiative in energy efficiency. In addition, he led the commercialization of two start-up businesses at Cabot in ink jet colorants and elastomer composites.

Lee Lynd, CSO

Professor Lynd is an expert on the production of energy from plant biomass and conducts leading research on microbial cellulose utilization. Professor Lynd’s H-Index of 52 (Google Scholar) is among the highest of researchers with primary activity in the bioenergy field.

Lynd has authored over 150 papers, book chapters, and reviews spanning both laboratory research and visionary analysis. In addition to leading his research group, Lynd’s activities at Thayer School include teaching the undergraduate Systems course as well as graduate courses in Metabolic Engineering and Energy Systems, and curriculum development and strategic planning in the energy area. He also chairs the Executive Committee of the Global Sustainable Bioenergy Project,and is a Management Team member and Biomass Deconstruction and Conversion Focus Area Leader for the Department of Energy Bioenergy Science Center. Lee was Chief Scientific Officer, Director, and Co-Founder of Mascoma Corporation, and currently holds the same positions at Enchi Corporation.

A frequent presenter on technical and strategic aspects of biomass energy, Lynd has testified three times before the United States Senate, and his work has been featured in both national and international media such as Wired, Forbes, and Nova.